Attaching a corsage or boutonniere can be a very frustrating and uncomfortable situation for guys and gals.  Are you tired of getting poked by the traditional straight pin and ending up with crooked flowers and ruined clothing?  That’s why Boutonniere Buddy Pins were invented.  Attaching a boutonniere should be enjoyable, not difficult. 

With an easy pinch and clasp, Boutonniere Buddy can be applied easily to any jacket.  Boutonniere Buddy Floral Pin is a floral stick with a tie-clasp pin embedded into it,  and is easily wrapped within.  Boutonniere Buddy Pins are engineered in three sizes to accentuate the beauty of the different flowers they hold and to deliver reliability, unmatched by straight pins. Boutonniere Buddy Pins

Boutonniere Buddy Small Pin - The small size is recommended for flatter types of flowers like Orchids, Calla Lilly’s, Delphiniums, and Dianthus. This size also works well on Gerbera Daisies and Sunflowers because of the way the stem curves.

Boutonniere Buddy Standard Pin - The Standard Pin has a curve in the floral stick and is recommended for flowers with a curved base like Roses and Carnations.

Boutonniere Buddy Large Pin - The Large Pin has a large curve in the floral stick and is recommended for flowers with a large base like Imported & Ecuadorian Roses.

To Use:  Always place Boutonniere Buddy as high up on the stem as possible.  For standard and large pins, be sure the curve cradles the base of the rose, and wrap the stick with floral tape.

Florists continue to impress and satisfy their customers by incorporating these innovative floral pins into boutonnieres and corsages for weddings, anniversaries, dances, birthdays, mother’s day, father’s day, prom, homecoming, winter formal, church events, and other special occasions.

Enjoy a stress free wedding day and put the fun back into attaching a boutonniere to your prom date.  Now you can stop worrying about ruing your jacket or the pictures, and impress your date. 

For a hassle free, picture perfect boutonniere, include Boutonniere Buddy…the easier, faster, and more reliable way of attaching a boutonniere.