A boutonniere, named after the French word for buttonhole, is usually a single flower or small cluster of flowers that is worn on the left lapel of a man’s formal jacket at weddings, anniversaries, birthday’s, father’s day, holidays, prom, homecoming, church events, and other special occasions.  The flowers are often chosen to match a dress, suit the season, or fit into the color scheme of a wedding or special event.  Don’t be shy…add a little pizzazz to your boutonnieres.  It can be a great conversation piece with the ladies! 

Choosing the Type of Flower

Your flowers will be one of the most photographed details of your wedding or special event, so it's important to pick flowers that truly fit your style.  For a wedding boutonniere, consider matching a rose or blooms from the bridal bouquet.  The flowers don’t need to be perfectly matched, as long as there is a common element.   

Caring for Boutonnieres

Careful composition of your boutonniere with long-lasting flowers will ensure a striking presentation.  Choose fresh, well-hydrated flowers and your boutonniere will look healthy through both the entire wedding & reception.  They can be kept fresh by storing them in a refrigerator before use.



Attaching a Boutonniere with Magnets 

Are you frustrated by getting poked by the traditional straight pin and ending up with crooked flowers and ruined clothing?  Girls:  Are you tired of struggling to pin on your date’s boutonniere?  Guys:  Are you tired of your shirt or lapel getting ruined with pinholes?  Moms:  Are you tired of putting on all the boutonnieres at the prom pre-party? 

 Attaching a boutonniere should be enjoyable, not difficult.  Spend less time fussing over pinning on the boutonniere, and more time enjoying the special event.  Enjoy a stress free wedding day and put the fun back into attaching a boutonniere to your prom date.  Stop worrying about ruing your dress or pictures with the old fashioned straight pin, and impress your date with Designs by Buddy.

Floral Magnets and Pins 

Try Designs by Buddy that offers six different styles of floral magnets and pins.  They are great alternatives to the old fashioned straight pin.  They are all safe, reliable, and easy to use. Check them out!

These floral magnets can be moved easily, without any damage to fine fabrics, shirts, or lapels. They are lightweight, so they will not weigh down a shirt, jacket, or lapel. The magnets are reusable, and the strength of the magnet will allow you to dance the night away with no worries! 

Attaching a boutonniere should be enjoyable, not difficult.  For a hassle free, picture perfect boutonniere or corsage, include Boutonniere Buddy, Corsage Buddy, or Magnet Buddy… the easier, faster, and more reliable way of attaching a boutonniere.